Paris Made Simple

There are many airlines that fly to Paris. Depending on where you're flying from, you may find direct flights easily.

Make a Priority List

There are a few things you should decide before choosing your flight. Make sure you know the order of importance for the following:

  • price
  • comfort
  • amount of travel time
  • luggage fees
  • time of year
  • accommodation check-in time (if you get to Paris at 8 am and check in time is 3 pm, do you have a place for your bags?)

Know which items have the highest priority to help you choose the right flight.

Where to Book

There are so many places to book on-line now. I've also found that the prices seem to be the same everywhere, within a few dollars. Using a site like can be helpful to see many options in one place

Be careful though, as some sites show you the total with tax, while others can make you feel like you've found the greatest deal ever, until you see the taxes and fees in small print.

Be sure to check the airline's site as well, occasionally, they will have the best, unpublished deal.

Before You Choose

Before you buy your ticket, you may want to check out this site: SkyTrax. It has fantastic information about things like seat size, pitch (room for your feet), best seats to sit in, airline and airport ratings, and lot more.

Since I started this site, the airlines now charge extra for "exit row" and other seats with slightly more room. So much is a-la-carte now: Food, special meal, wi-fi. It's kind of dizzying. The airline will be more than happy to "upgrade" you.

If there's more than one leg to your journey, verify what is included on each leg.

Always Check The Airlines' Sites

The airline's sites is where find baggage requirements and restrictions, information about check-in, ordering special meals, seat size, amenities, etc. There's lots of information you'll need to know before and after you secure your flight.

Travel Insurance

Is travel insurance necessary? Well, like all insurance, it's meant to insure against unforeseen circumstances. You could save some money by skipping it, but I don't recommend it. Life happens and it would be a tragedy to lose the money you've paid for your trip.

Travel insurance can cover more than just your flight. Most likely you've rented your apartment or paid for your hotel ahead of time. Travel insurance can be purchased to cover that and medical emergencies.

Often you can buy this at the same time as your flight. Just be very careful that you understand the policy and what it covers before you buy it. There are varying amounts of coverage. It is well worth doing your homework and calling for help if you need to. Calling the company will also give you a good example of their service.

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