Another Fabulous Apartment Near the Canal Saint-Martin - 2014

I was so lucky to find this apartment. It was just around the block from the one we rented in 2012! I went with a client for two weeks and we had plenty of space.

There was a huge bathroom with a washer/dryer and lots of supplies. There was a main room with a king sized futon couch/bed, dining table, and a full kitchen. I'm fussy about beds and it was quite comfortable. There was also a sunny bedroom where my client slept. The T.V. was in there but we never turned it on! Although there was now view, both rooms and the bathroom looked into court yards and were bright!

This was definitely the quietest place and the most economic. Best of all, the owner and manager made our stay feel like we were guests instead of renters. The only tricky part about the place was the key to the building. Be sure you have the manager do it with you BEFORE she leaves. But the neighbors are all super nice and the manager was very responsive.

We really felt like home here and are planning to go back as soon as we can! Here's the direct link to this apartment. There are better pictures on her site!

Apartment Near the Canal Saint-Martin - 2012

This was a fabulous find. The neighborhood was trendy, lively, and really budget friendly. It was also easy to get everywhere. Since I was traveling with my husband and youngest daughter this time, I found a two bedroom apartment. The second bedroom was the living room but both couches turned into very comfortable full sized futons. The whole apartment was sunny and light. We even had a terrace across the front of each room and air space in the bathroom and kitchen. We also had a washer and dryer that we used often during the two weeks we were there.

Our One Bedroom Apartment near Bastille

My daughter and I rented this in 2006. It was a terrific one bedroom apartment with really comfortable beds. The kitchen was a good size and had everything we needed. We even had a washer.

Our One Bedroom Apartment near The Pompidou Center

This was the apartment I rented in 2008 when I took some clients to Paris. Since the three of us were friends, we all shared. Two of us slept in the really comfortable king sized bed and one on the couch in the living room. It also had a trundle which we didn't use. The location was fantastic and amazingly quiet as we were on the interior court yard. I didn't take pictures of the kitchen - it was small but perfect. The only strange thing was that there was no dining area. But we didn't really mind!

Resources I've
Used for Finding Apartments - I used this service in it's infancy and the service and apartment were great. Their website is much improved and they have many great properties. - I used this service several years ago and loved that I could call them and for many apartments, they send you the key before you leave the States! Their website is a bit hard to navigate and their prices are strictly by the night. - I used this site during my 2012 & 2014 visits. The site is very "old school" and requires time and effort to look through the listings. But for me, it was worth it as I found a gem. I like the comments from renters. - Although I have yet to use this service, they have been extremely helpful when I was looking. - Another service I haven't rented from, but have had excellent service from when I was looking. They have great search tools and pictures.