Paris Made Simple

It's somewhat overwhelming to start looking for your accommodations in Paris. There are literally 1000s of hotels and apartments to choose from and 100s of sites to help you choose/book them.


Americans can find European hotel rooms very small. Buildings in Paris are often centuries old and have been retrofitted for modern needs - adding private baths and closets. Even modern hotels often cater to the European business traveler who are accustomed to smaller rooms.

There are a few American chains, such as Holiday Inn, where you will find more familiar space and amenities. If this is your first time traveling on "The Continent" and feel a need for a haven of familiarity, this may be a good choice for you. 

Hotels range from  reasonably priced to a king's ransom.

When booking your own rooms, watch for non-refundable special rates and double check your dates before you click. As usual when choosing a hotel, read the reviews - but with a grain of salt. No one likes everything.

Be sure you understand the size of the room, beds, and what's included.


I have stayed in hotels but prefer apartments. These are great if you are on a tight budget.  They also allow you to "live" in Paris. This is my favorite way to enjoy Paris and what I generally recommend unless you are just passing through Paris.

There are lots of places to search for apartments. But first, understand the lingo and what to expect:

Things to Consider When Renting

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